A chorus of delivery drivers singing through the night, a support worker haunted by visions of the women who depend on her, a funeral director showing off his dab hand with a pair of clippers. In an echo of the Medieval Mystery Plays – which brought together communities of craftsmen and merchants to act out the stories of famous miracles – The Key Workers Cycle presents a cycle of nine short plays celebrating the humour, the hope and the stories of those who keep our daily lives running.

Performed by a company of professional actors, local community participants and key workers, The Key Workers Cycle places Islington’s community at its heart.

The Social Care Workers’ Play by Francesca Beard
The Teachers’ Play by Sonali Bhattacharyya
The Funeral Directors’ Play by Josh Elliott
The Delivery Drivers’ Play by Annie Jenkins
The Women’s Centre Workers’ Play by Eno Mfon
The Midwives’ Play by Nessah Muthy
The Refuse Collectors’ Play by Danusia Samal
The Supermarket Workers’ Play by Yomi Ṣode
The TFL Workers’ Play by Molly Taylor