It’s kick off. Kicking off means that this road to the show is well and truly a GO and honestly, I don’t know if I am ready but I have no choice. Carl Ford has arrived. Should I list the level of this guy? I doubt I’ll actually do my job of blogging this rehearsal experience process. I’ll say this much though. Carl was on set of various Biggie video shoots, he played quite an important role to not only the rapper, but his entire team. Carl is an acting coach now, I had the privilege of visiting him while I was in New York last year Sept to propose ( I say propose but I was selling) COAT to him. Man, I kid you not, I walked into the building and the line of people waiting to be seen? I felt a little gassed to just fast track my way past them all lol and go straight to meet him and his amazing genius of a mother. So yes, this don of a man is now in England for a week to work with me on this script and a way forward and I was ready but not ready.

Now we are talking some intense days. Days of interrogation like no other. We were joined by Lisa who also chimed in with possible ideas and considerations. Jolade also took some snaps, which I really appreciated. I wanted to document this process in the best way I could and he came through.

Man we ripped this script to shreds! It came in one way and left another lol but it was not as bad as I thought.

The plan was simple, to locate the spine of this show, this story. What holds it? Because more often, what holds it – will hold the audience. Something that I have learned heavily through this process. No matter how funny or how dramatic something is, if it doesn’t serve the story any purpose? It needs to go. “kill the babies” I can’t stand the term but I get it. These lines, this work are the closest thing to you, as precious as a baby would be to you. When it comes to the story? Some of them lines may need to go. A mental process to be ready for, especially if they are lines you never even considered letting go of. Joke is, I fully prepared to fight for certain lines but the process was so chilled.

Check the pics below!

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