Afrori Books LTD: An evening with Yomi Sode

Come and enjoy an incredible evening of poetry and conversation with the immensely talented Yomi Sode.

The Author

Yomi Ṣode is an award-winning Nigerian British writer. He is a recipient of the 2019 Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship and was shortlisted for The Brunel International African Poetry Prize 2021.

Yomi is a Complete Works alumnus and a member of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen. His debut collection, Manorism will be published via Penguin Press in 2022.

The Book 

In poems exploring family, survival, generational trauma and the complexities of belonging, Manorism is an examination of the lives of Black British men and boys.

The publisher explained: “At the heart of the book is the ongoing pressure of code-switching – changing one’s behaviour and language to suit radically different cultural contexts and environments. Snippets of Yoruba interweave with English, and a moving final sequence, part poetry, part play, charts the dramatic reconciliations surrounding a death in the family. The result is a thrillingly original book that charts the vulnerabilities and rich nuances of Black masculinity in Britain.”

Each ticket comes with a chance to win some limited artwork. 


Starts On

12th November 2022 - 5:00 pm

Ends On

7:00 pm