Best part about this process is the training. To be on stage for a lengthy amount of time, moving, as well as flipping between text requires stamina and endurance. A soon as January hit, I knew it was time to get back to plan re training. It has been rigorous but super helpful. Cannot lie, […]


Prep and rehearsal! I’m chopping I’m stirring I’m burning pots Chicken Onions Peppers   But! It’s so fun! Lol PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! SHOW TIME SOON COME! [photo_gallery_wp id=”2″]    

Mid Mid May

Ok, For theeeee first time in regards to this show, I have a team that is more than two people. Back in 2015, I put a call out online re help with movement and kindly, John Berkavitch responded. It’s pretty much been history since. Our creative relationship has grown as well a friendship. I have […]


March. COAT SOLD OUT IN A DAY!!!!! SAY NO MORE OTHER THAT WTF AND THANK YOU! Nah, pause actually. Last year, COAT scratch sold out two months in advance and that was sick. But this? THIS! History was made! Thank you!  Thank you so so so so so soooo much. No pressure eh?

March Rehearsals

It’s kick off. Kicking off means that this road to the show is well and truly a GO and honestly, I don’t know if I am ready but I have no choice. Carl Ford has arrived. Should I list the level of this guy? I doubt I’ll actually do my job of blogging this rehearsal […]

Coat Sessions

COAT Sessions has well and truly started. I put a call out in December 2016 to writers under 30 with roughly 1-2 years’ experience on the poetry circuit to submit work to me. The aim is to support 6 writers for 6 months. I’ll provide the space, refreshments and all I ask of them is […]