Key Workers Cycle: NEXT PLEASE!

In the lead up to Manorism, it’s a pleasure to tell you about a new short play that’s coming your way.

The Key Workers Cycle comprises of 9 writers. The writers have selected a range of key workers to speak to and essentially create short plays as a result of those conversations.

It was a pleasure speaking with a wide range of supermarket key workers within the 2020 phase of the pandemic. Thank you for your stories, your jokes, and your honesty.

There is also a community chorus supporting the company of professional actors. The chorus are residents from the community, they are doctors, waitresses, teachers, actors and many more. People that are interested, curious and wanting to do something different. I love their confidence to just give it a go.

We met for the first time last night, had a read through and I loved every minute.

Directed by Rachael Nanyonjo, NEXT PLEASE! Will be part of the Key Workers cycle, and showing at the @almeida_theatre in March. Come into the world of Jess and Ezzy.

More details to come.

Hope to see you there inniiii…

Nice one x