Key Workers Cycle

Key Workers Cycle: NEXT PLEASE! In the lead up to Manorism, it’s a pleasure to tell you about a new short play that’s coming your way. The Key Workers Cycle comprises of 9 writers. The writers have selected a range of key workers to speak to and essentially create short plays as a result of […]

First Five @ Roundhouse!

Remember the book that changed your life. The film that opened your eyes. That song you’ll never forget. Now pick two books, two tracks and one film that define you and you’ve got your First Five. Join YOMI ṢODE as he talks to the producers, influencers and champions behind the art and artists that matter to us, and […]

By: Function

By: Function For Questlove   It may come as no surprise to you, or maybe it will. Or maybe it depends on how you are with surprises? I tend to be overwhelmed in the first instance, I allow it to settle, and then I react. All of it happening within a space of seconds and […]